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Our design services range from small gardens and containers, to full property design. Whether it’s a pollinating, perennial, annual, evergreen, cutting, edible or a combination of them all, we take care in selecting the best quality plants available to provide visual interest throughout all four seasons.


Screening and privacy plantings are an important part of a landscape. Whether integrating the planting into the existing surroundings for a natural appeal, or creating a screening that is a key feature, we provide a creative approach to achieving the end goal, while keeping in mind our clients needs.


Maintenance is an essential part of keeping a garden healthy, and looking its best. We offer programs tailored to your garden’s needs that include pruning, deadheading, weeding, edging, spring/fall clean up, and a variety of organic treatments for your plants. 


We offer a natural and organic deer spray for your garden beds, shrubs and trees scheduled throughout the gardening season. For the winter months, we offer burlap wrapping for the plants that get eaten by our hungry friends.


We offer a natural and organic whole property tick spray, that is safe for the pollinators and other beneficial insects. Ticks are on the rise and we're here to help.


TREE, PLANTING BED, AND LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our natural landscape amendments have proven successful in landscapes and gardens ranging in size from residential to commercial. Through dedicated data collections, soil analyses, and supporting research, we will look to create unique blends of Liquid Biological Amendments specific to each space. Eliminating synthetic fertilization practices will enable the landscape to rebuild itself inside-out, regenerating the sustainable behaviors of each microorganism and resulting in a stronger growth and development within each plant.