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Environmentally Friendly
Horticultural PRACTICES



Salty Roots is a full-service garden & landscape design firm focussing on locally sourced, and environmentally friendly practices.  

At Salty Roots, we pride ourselves on working closely with clients to fully interpret your aspirations and create gardens that both exploit the potential of your space, and are tailored to your vision and needs. A garden should relate to and acknowledge its surrounding landscape and individual sense of place. 

Each project we take on is handled with care and attention to the environmental conditions. We strive to create a visual experience that will take you from spring straight through the winter with a smile on your face.




Our design services range from small gardens and containers, to full property design. We take care in selecting the right plant for the right place, and seek the best quality plants available. We aim to provide visual interest throughout all four seasons, using a combination of perennial, evergreen, and annual plants.


Screening and privacy plantings are an important part of a landscape. Whether integrating the planting into the existing surroundings for a natural appeal, or creating a screening that is a key feature, we provide a creative approach to achieving the end goal, while keeping in mind your needs.


Maintenance is an essential part of keeping a garden healthy, and looking its best. We offer programs tailored to your garden’s needs that include pruning, deadheading, weeding, edging, spring/fall clean up, and a variety of organic treatments for your plants. 


We offer a natural and organic deer spray for your garden beds, shrubs and trees scheduled throughout the gardening season. For the winter months, we offer burlap wrapping for the plants that get eaten by our hungry friends.


We offer a natural and organic whole property tick spray, that is safe for the pollinators and other beneficial insects. Ticks are on the rise and we're here to help.


TREE, PLANTING BED, AND LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our natural landscape amendments have proven successful in landscapes and gardens ranging in size from residential to commercial. Through dedicated data collections, soil analyses, and supporting research, we will look to create unique blends of Liquid Biological Amendments specific to each space. Eliminating synthetic fertilization practices will enable the landscape to rebuild itself inside-out, regenerating the sustainable behaviors of each microorganism and resulting in a stronger growth and development within each plant. 



Debbie, Southold

"I cannot begin to thank Tara enough for transforming an ugly mess into an elegant, yet practical landscape. Tara combined her talents as an artist and a plant lover In order to understand lighting and soil conditions spending many hours at various times during the day to study our property before realizing a design. When it came to planting, Tara worked along with her crew taking ownership of the project. She worked within our budget by artistically rearranging many of the existing plants Tara used native and deer resistant plants in the designs. The plants that she added are the finest quality and went into the ground the day of delivery. She continued to check on the plantings after they were in the ground and set us up with a regular deer spraying program

Tara takes pride in her work and is the quintessential professional attending thoughtfully to every detail. It is a pleasure to work with Tara."


Cynthia, Greenport

"For the past seven years we have been blessed to own a beautiful home on the North Fork of Long Island in Greenport, NY. Part of what makes the house so special is our extraordinary backyard with its flora and fauna and glorious gardens which for the past year and a half, have been overseen by the magical hands of Tara Striano and her company SALTY ROOTS. From her incredible knowledge of plants and flowers and her commitment to doing it the “organic way” from the rosebushes to the hydreangeas to the vast herb garden, Tara is the go to person to make you the landscape of your dreams!!!"


Alexa, Greenport

Tara Striano has been caring for the plantings on our property for the past two years. During that time, she has worked diligently to fully understand and meet our expectations. We are pleased with her creativity and knowledge, as well as her organic approach. Together these have created a lovely and healthy garden for our enjoyment.





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